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The Intelligence Gene


Did you know that a mother can have more impact on a child’s intelligence than their father? A mother carries two X-chromosomes carrying the intelligence gene, while a father has only one X-chromosome. Therefore, a child is likely to inherit a high IQ from their mom.

According to twin research, 55% of a person’s intelligence is derived from genetics, which means 45% is learned.

Intelligence is the ability of a person to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. It is the ability to reason.

In simple terms, intelligence is how smart a person is.

The Intelligence Quotient (referred to as IQ) is the measure of a person’s reasoning ability. A child’s IQ is calculated by dividing their chronological age (i.e. current age) by their mental age (i.e. their abilities) and multiplying it by 100.

A regular person’s average IQ ranges from 85-115, with a person with an IQ above 120 being highly intelligent or at genius level.

As parents we are keen to help our little ones develop their skills and intelligence through learning.


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