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by on May 5, 2021February 7, 2022

What Is The Best Age For My Child To Begin Coding?

Kid Friendly Coding When you think about coding or programming, what comes to mind is the cliché IT geek who never leaves his gadgets. But, today, learning how to code has become a skill that kids and adults alike should study. Kids, contrary to popular belief, can learn and comprehend complex concepts explained in a...

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by on May 5, 2021February 8, 2022

Your Child’s IQ – 20 ways to help boost it

The Intelligence Gene   Did you know that a mother can have more impact on a child’s intelligence than their father? A mother carries two X-chromosomes carrying the intelligence gene, while a father has only one X-chromosome. Therefore, a child is likely to inherit a high IQ from their mom. According to twin research, 55%...

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