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Children are obsessed with construction trucks, often because they seem larger than life. The Construction Worksheet Bundle Is a great way for kids to learn more about these vehicles while also practicing their numbers, letters and shapes. 


Whats included: 

The mini bundle contains 5 worksheets including: Match the pair, Match the Shadow, Tracing lines, Movement cards, Count the tools 


What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn And Develop?

Visual discrimination skills – Shadow matching forces children to analyze the difference between objects or symbols by differentiating colors, shapes, sizes, and orientations. The shadow doesn’t contain any color which young children often rely on. 

Pencil control – holding the pencil correctly and firmly to allow for a fluid range of movement and apply enough pressure to make marks on the page

Hand-eye coordination – To understand what they are seeing and get their hands to go where they want them to go

Hand and finger strength- Traceable lines worksheets are a great way to help develop your child’s control of the small muscles in their hands, and their pincer grip as they can learn to write.

Sensory breaks – Movement cards can be used throughout the day for much needed movement breaks and to help children regulate their emotions


How To Prepare This Worksheet?

  1. To access the printable enter your email at the bottom of this post, we will instantly send an email with the linked file
  2. Print them on white paper or card-stock
  3. Grab some pencils, pens or crayons and they are good to go!
  4. If you want to be able to reuse the sheets, you can laminate them or put them inside sheet protectors and use a white board pen or non permanent marker.


I hope your children enjoy this construction worksheet bundle – be sure to check regularly for more educational printables. For our other printables that are currently available click here.


Construction Bundle

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