Project image Monster play dough mats

These Monster Play Dough Mats are a great way to grow kids imaginations by giving them an idea they can explore and get creative with.


Whats included: 

This pack consists of 5 blank monster worksheets. Discover some more worksheets here.


What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn And Develop?

Enhances fine motor skills- When your child rolls, squishes or flattens, play dough, they develop and strengthen their hand muscles.

Improves pre-writing skills- Children need to develop their finger muscles and have proper finger control before they can learn to write at school. Play dough is great for this as it strengthens their pincer grip. 

Communication and vocabulary- As your child is working on their monster creation they form new ideas and concepts. Their vocabulary increases as they interact, talk, discuss problems and find solution with their peers, parents or teachers. 

Creativity and imagination- This activity works on creativity as a child has to mould from an image they hold mentally. As children get older and more experienced at moulding playdough, their creations will show more detail and creativity. 

Develops hand eye coordination- Use of variety of shapes and rolling pins while playing with play-dough will improve your child’s hand-eye-coordination

Concentration – Play-dough is often a quiet activity which requires a child to sit still for periods of time, this is great for lengthening a child’s concentration span over time.


How To Prepare This Worksheet?

  1. To access the printable enter your email at the bottom of this post, we will instantly send an email with the linked file
  2. Print them on white paper or card-stock
  3. For this activity it would be a good idea to laminate them or put them inside sheet protectors. 
  4. Most important grab some play dough!
  5. Other accessories we like to use with play dough: googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pompoms, tooth picks, nuts, beads, straws, sticks, leaves


I hope your children enjoy these monster play dough mats – be sure to check regularly for more educational printables. For our other printables that are currently available click here.


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