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What is a Sensory Break?

A sensory break gives your child the chance to have a break from their standard daily learning tasks, where they are usually seated, and gives them the chance to get sensory input from more exciting activities. Sensory breaks help children to regulate their emotions making their calmer or make them more alert, depending on the activity you choose. I have been using sensory breaks with my 5 year old for a couple of years, and he really looks forward to his “fun time”. I like to plan different activities every day, and change things up depending on his mood and behaviour on the day, if needed.

Sensory breaks can be very useful for children with sensory processing disorders, autism and ADHD. For children with sensory processing conditions, it is helpful to regulate the sensory input they receive to maintain their attention and focus through the day.

Many schools have sensory rooms and give the children the at least one sensory break a day, in particular for special educational needs classes.

I have shared some activity ideas for sensory break activities you can do in your home further down in this article.